Thursday, May 19, 2011

Colmar, his Little Venice Town France

Greetings from Germany. This was the first time I ventured to send a text. Hopefully I did not make many mistakes. Perdanaku writing this to tell you the results of photo hunting in Colmar. Happy reading. I do not remember already keberapa time I visited the town of Colmar. Small town in France which is located about 20 km from the border of southern Germany has always fascinated me. The number of old buildings are very beautiful, colorful eyes.

Moreover, I visited during the spring, making the beauty of the enchanting town of Colmar with the flowers on display in the window of every building. The city is often referred to by the nickname "Little Venice" or "La Petite Venise".

Colmar, PerancisKanal Lauch river crossing in the middle of town is used as a means of transportation for tourists to see the surrounding scenery. Maybe this is what inspires the town of Colmar nickname as "Little Venice", as well as the atmosphere in the city of Venice, Italy. Almost the same as Venice, tourists can hire a boat to circumnavigate this channel. One boat can carry eight tourists, with a long trip at least 20 minutes for 6 euros per person.

As well as cities in Europe, Colmar also have some old church buildings that become an arena tour for tourists. The largest Church is the Church of St. Martin, or often called the Cathedral Church. This building stood from the year 1234. When looking at this church, I imagine people skills to build them ancient. Almost more than 700 years this church, but the building is still standing strong.

Colmar, PerancisSaat browse the streets in downtown Colmar, will be found many old buildings that most of the conditions are still well maintained. Old building below is one example. The building was formerly functioning as a hospital. Frequently encountered during the trip is a building painted colorful.

Characteristic of most buildings windows and doors of Europe are unique and colorful. The uniqueness is of course the object of interesting photos. Funny thing is, there is a house that put an old cake pan to be used as a wall decoration in front of his house.

In addition to the old building, a tourist attraction which can be found in Colmar is a museum and art galleries, restaurants and shopping stores and souvenir shops. From a few souvenir shops, there is an interesting one central attention. The shop is a shop that sells mugs bearing the name of the person's drinking.

This store is unique, because it sells a wide range of colorful drinking cups. If we are a little tired through the center of Colmar, we can use a mobile cart that has been provided at a particular stop.

This train will take us around the city center. When we sit in it, will be provided a walkman that serves as tour guides. Of course, these are all not free. We must reach the money 6 Euro for one-way trip of about 15 minutes.

Once we get out of downtown, there is one tourist attraction that we should not miss. True, the photo below is a replica of the Statue of Liberty was the United States. This statue stands in the middle of the highway intersection. That day I was lucky.

Weather in the town of Colmar is very bright. So I can capture this replica with good lighting. After this trip I think, was to visit the town of Colmar I can imagine two places in other parts of the world. One, his Venice Italy, and the other is the city of New York in the United States.

Colmar, PerancisMengunjungi several cities in Europe certainly will bring a distinct impression, if accompanied with the people we love. For the happiness we will give special meaning than if we travel alone. Accidentally, I ran into a pair of lovers who look tenderly holding hands. With stealth, I point the camera to them. Click, terabadikanlah romantic moments. Would not it look beautiful when we see the scenery below?

Thus KoKiers dear. I end my story with a little message, "Discover the world around us. We will amazed to see so much beauty that we encounter."

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