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Blue Mosque in Russia...

Indeed, the relationship between this mosque with the former first president of Indonesia, Sukarno, could not be separated. In communist countries the Soviet Union, Sukarno name very well known. Not only are considered as friends in the Cold War against the West axis, but also as president of the Muslim who gives 'blessing' for most Muslims in this country red bear.

According to Ja'far Nasibullah, one day in 1955, Sukarno's visit to St Petersburg who was then still called Leningrad. He come and enjoy this beautiful town with her little daughter named Megawati Sukarnoputri.

From inside the car, Sukarno caught a glimpse of a building that is unique and second to none. The driver asked to turn the bow to see the building. However, the driver did not comply with a request that the number one Indonesia. There is no command to play let alone stop.

RusiaPada Blue Mosque in those days, under communist rule there was virtually no discussion of power and opportunity given to a driver. From talks with several parties, Sukarno finally know that the building is a mosque which was used as a warehouse.

In a meeting with local officials, the President cast the demand for the next day arranged a visit to the mosque he had seen. But the rules of protocol is not possible because the event has been arranged very densely.

After two days enjoying the beauty of the city of St. Petersburg who was then still called Leningrad, Sukarno flew to Moscow to conduct high level talks to discuss future bilateral cooperation and various key positions in the Cold War that continues to soar. In a talk in the Kremlin palace had a chance to spread the news of a unique conversation between the two leaders.

How a visit to Leningrad''Mr. President. Sure is fun, is not it?,''Asked the Russian leader. Unexpected Sukarno gave a surprising answer. ''I think I've never been to Leningrad,''said Sukarno.
''Recalled Mr. President indeed clever. There is what is wrong with Leningrad. Not that yesterday's two-day walk with his daughter there.''
''Yes. We had been there, but we're not there yet.''
''Because we have never given the opportunity to visit the building called the blue mosque.''

Blue Mosque in RusiaKunjungan Sukarno to Russia went smoothly and as if there never was anything that related to religion or the mosque.
Sukarno was also not much talk anymore about the mosque had ever seen in the most beautiful cities in the Soviet Union.
Even so, secretly many Muslims put an ear on events experienced by the guests of honor from Indonesia.

A week after the visit ended. A good news came from the center of power, the Kremlin in Moscow. A local government officials reported that only one mosque in Leningrad who had become warehouses Bolshevic post-revolution can be opened again for worship of Muslims, without any conditions. The messenger also does not give a reason why shred it all can happen.

Blue Mosque in Islam in St. Petersburg Rusia''Umat familiar with President Sukarno. We are very grateful to the late Sukarno. We will remember his services, 'said the mufti of Ja'far Nasibullah. Without Sukarno, he said maybe this beautiful mosque was destroyed as a mosque and another church.

Until now, the mosque was founded in the year 1910-1921 it still stands majestically. Two 48 meter-tall tower soaring while the dome is clad in blue tiles is very handsome with a height of 39 meters. Places of worship of Muslims who diarsiteki by two people named Christian, and Alexander Von Googen Vaslilier is indeed similar to a mosque at Samarkand, Central Asia.

Although the dome could be destroyed in the 1980s, but thanks to the kindness of some leaders of the communist era, the Soviet Union and loan Orthodox religious person, then during the 18-year renovation has restored grandeur of the temple in the north earth.

''As a Muslim, I must be honest and say thanks not only to Muslims who continues to prosper this mosque. But also to the government in the communist period, the government now as well as the donors of different religions. May Allah SWT give in return for their kindness,''said Jafar.

The old Mercedes I immediately starter after shaking hands several times with the Mufti. A warm embrace and kisses of sincere impressive he had met a 'Soekarno' small. I also gained so stunned, unable to sleep and was always asking, 'What contribution can I give to the Muslims of Russia in this period of openness. "

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